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What is Blackbill

Blackbill (BIL) is a Stablecoin to (upon reaching 20M coins distributed) be backed by physical Gold in form of Bullions. Upon reaching 20 million coins in distribution, 1 (BIL) Blackbill will be pegged to a decigram of fine Gold. Our Gold (which is inform of bullions) will be stored through Imargin pty ltd in a private vault in South Africa. As of 2020 May, Imargin pty ltd owns half (50%) of a new South African Gold mining company, Lega Mining Pty. Blackbill blockchain uses a Quark (POS) type of algorithm

The BIL is also promotes philanthropy. We have launched a foundation program that is addressing poverty, hunger and access to quality education. Our foundation also attends to other charity issues through donations and community works participation.

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Our Blackbill Mission

The BlackBill is here to establish a gold-backed digital economy for everyone who forms part of it. Through BlackBill Partner (Partna), BlackBill enjoins local and international businesses to build a solid network that will promote economic growth, trading, whilst enabling you to transact at your convenience.

Imagine how the world would be if one currency was used, how Africa would be if one currency was used. This vision is going to create one economy for businesses and BlackBill holders. This will also improve circulation of money and sharing of gold economy.

Main Features

Blackbill Features

Open Source

Blackbill crypto sripts are open sources that are available to the public for reviews, utilization and support

High Security

Blackbill uses blockchain technology to secure and verify all the transactions made among users


Blackbill uses blockchain technology to secure and verify all the network transactions occurring between users

Fast Transaction

Our blockchain technology provides fast confirmation and verification of all network transaction within seconds

Products and Platforms

Our Systems


BIL Specifications

Coin Name: Blackbill
Ticker: BIL
Algorithm: Quark
Max. Supply (Hard Cap): 1,000,000,000
Available in Circulation: 40,000,000
Coins/Block: 7.2 BIL
Masternode Collateral: 10 000 BIL
Block Time: 60 Seconds
Mastornode Minting: 70%
Staking: 30%

Distribution Structure


RealTime Update

Bounty 0/2,000,000 BIL

Angel Investors 1,400,000/10,000,000 BIL

Marketing 135,000/8,000,000 BIL

Pre-Sale 1,320,764.0170/20,000,000 BIL

Reserve Transaction & Address

Address: BB4B4X8Q9a4m938XG3wZYm4pDWBYLSbN8A
Transaction: BB4B4X8Q9a4m938XG3wZYm4pDWBYLSbN8A

Company Roadmap

2018 June

Blackbill was launched in South African with over 2000 Users, Its first blockchain was scrypt based POW algorithm.

2018 Nov

Blackbill’s blockchain was upgraded to quark featuring masternodes.

2019 April

The prototype of our trading Kiosk was made.

2019 August

Ilocaltrade was upgraded to a full automated exchange.

2020 FEB

Blackbill 24 karats Gold Bullions were made.

2020 June

Blackbill is to become a stablecoin pegged by Gold.

2020 Aug

Blackbill partner, a community of merchants to be launched.

2020 OCT

ILTx mastercard to be launched.

Executive Team

Team Members

With over 9 years of combined experience, We've got a well-seasoned team at the helm.

Jay Barcollin
Project Manager & Developer
Thato Tsunyane
Susan Vermaak
Head of Partner
Olympas Mkhabela
Olympas Mkhabela
Blackbill Listing

Exchanges & Platforms

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