Well-known South African politician, diplomat, poet, journalist, and cultural activist, Lindiwe Mabuza is one of the angel investor to support the Blackbill cryptocurrency. Mabuza is also a Blackbill masternode holder.

Blackbill is a quark based crypto that is propelled by local traders and the general population of the African landmass. As from 2020, Blackbill is becoming the first gold-backed crypto in Africa. Through BlackBill Partner (Partna), BlackBill enjoins local and international businesses to build a solid network that will promote economic growth, trading, whilst enabling you to transact at your convenience.

Imargin CEO, Jay Barcollin recently posted an Instagram post of himself and Lindiwe Mabuza wearing blackbill T-shirts. This was later confirmed by the company that the management of Imargin has met with Lindiwe Mabuza on several occasions to discuss the developments within the Blackbill network.