On June 17th, Imargin limited announced the launch of ILTx: "what's believed to be great news for Blackbill users." This upgraded version of ilocaltrade came in play to support and strengthen the move taken by the company to make the blackbill a gold-backed stable coin.

Before the launch, CEO of Imargin, Jay Barcollin (aka Jaybar) invited global traders and users to support and use the ILTx platform. Barcollin added that they saw the 'call to action' received so much attention from the Middle East and parts of Europe where it is believed that's where Jay Barcollin did most his crypto businesses.

New features on ILTX

The new ilocaltrade has the new following features:

  1. Skrill
  2. Markets depth analysis
  3. The instant exchange features more fiats, USD and EUR being amongst the new ones
  4. APIs to support other platforms to use ILTx functionalities

And the following Cryptos have been added:

  1. Bitcoin Cash
  2. Bitcoin SV
  3. Litecoin

As per the image above, within a few hours just after the launch, Ilocaltrade recorded a BIL/LTC bullish and a BIL/BTC bearish. This was the result of the fact that local traders are more familiar with bitcoin than they are with Litecoin or any other assets.

Why Does It Matter to You?

One of the key benefits of trading digital assets through ILTx is the opportunity to buy majors like Bitcoin at rates that are globally lower. The ILTx also provides transactions fee, as low as 0.1% and below on major currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.